Project replay

Reinforce peer Education Programme Leadership, Action, Youth: promoting grassroots sportthrough E Learning educational training success and social inclusion with academic preparation

We are project replay

Aims and goals

To promote a high level mentoring programme and approach between sport universities students and young volunteer coaches of grassroots sport organizations that work with young people and children coming from disadvantaged and less active groups through sport, enhancing their capacity to promote social inclusion through grassroots sport. 

about us

Project partners

Associations and organizations that, thanks to the experience gained in previous years, also thanks to the project Erasmus Sport PLAY, with a new awareness and skills aimed at creating high-level training requirements for volunteer Young Coaches and college students in terms of grassroots sport with priorities being health and inclusion.

What we do

Project's main activities

International focus group

Mentoring Programs between sport students and grassroots sport volunteers, an innovative proposal from Re-PLAY project

International Seminar

Sport universities and Grassroots sport, an innovative cooperation to enhance social inclusion and equal opportunities in sport in Europe

Northern Europe workshop

recruiting mentors for Re-PLAY innovative training & mentoring programme

Central Europe workshop

enhancing grassroots sport for social inclusion, training & mentoring tools

Southern Europe Seminar

the role of Grassroots Sport in promoting social inclusion, how to enhance grassroots sport volunteers through quality training
Project partners
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our stories

Digital storytelling

REPLAY 2.0 will gather key stories from the youth participating in the project, the mentors- sport students and mentees- young grassroots sport volunteer.

outputs and documents


The results achieved with respect to the objectives of the project are expressed in the creation of resources, reports, activities available to the community

News & Articles

Information and news from the world of sport including Project Replay.