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About the project

Reinforce peer Education Programme Leadership, Action, Youth: promoting grassroots sport through E Learning educational training success and social inclusion with academic preparation REPLAY 2.0 is a European project lead by ASD Margherita Sport e Vita Basket together with 7 partners (GEA Coop Sociale, Big Bang Ballers, Fare network, University Institute of Maia – ISMAI, Umeå University, University of Belgrade, Unió de Federacions Esportives de Catalunya). The project started in 2021 and addresses young coaches volunteers of grassroots clubs and sport university students.

Project’s Objectives

Project aims and goals

Promote a high-quality mentoring  programme between sport universities students and young volunteer coaches of grassroots sport  organizations that work with young people and children coming from disadvantaged and less active groups,  enhancing their capacity to promote social inclusion through grassroots sport. 

Specific Objectives

Strengthening high quality skills of young volunteer coaches of grassroots sports organizations to promote social inclusion and equal opportunities through sport for young people and children from disadvantaged groups

Transfer the high-quality approach of dual career and the methodology of mentoring to increase capabilities of youth in sport education and engagement in promoting sport as a tool of social inclusion

Increase capacity of grassroots sport to promote values, inclusion and engagement of young people and children from disadvantaged and less active groups, that otherwise would be excluded from the sport practice and opportunities of wellbeing and education through sport

Promoting and encouraging a stronger European cooperation among grassroots sport organizations and sport universities to further enhance the role of sport and physical activity as a tool of inclusion and wellbeing for all kids and youngsters in Europe, whatever their social, cultural, physical background

Enhance sustainability and further valorisation of effective Erasmus+ Sport actions and outputs, promoting innovative synergies and wider their impacts and transferability beyond the conclusion of the funded projects.

Project partners
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What we do

Project's main activities

International focus group

Mentoring Programs between sport students and grassroots sport volunteers, an innovative proposal from Re-PLAY project

International Seminar

Sport universities and Grassroots sport, an innovative cooperation to enhance social inclusion and equal opportunities in sport in Europe

Northern Europe workshop

recruiting mentors for Re-PLAY innovative training & mentoring programme

Central Europe workshop

enhancing grassroots sport for social inclusion, training & mentoring tools

Southern Europe Seminar

the role of Grassroots Sport in promoting social inclusion, how to enhance grassroots sport volunteers through quality training


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

Our Team

Our Active Members

The guidelines will be addressed to sport universities and grassroots sport organizations and their networks in Europe, as well as those institutions in sport  and academic sport fields that have the power of encouraging, facilitating (in  administrative processes and rules for agreements, for example) and promoting cooperation. This Guidelines will focus on sport institutions and justice and will contain tools and measures to tackling discrimination in coaching and protection of victims, with a special focus on young athletes. The document will be available in June 2023.