BBB host multiplier sports event in Grenoble

As part of the Replay 2.0 programme, the Big Bang Ballers welcomed a number of players from Grenoble’s sporting world, as well as sports coaches, for a time of sharing practices and knowledge. The event was divided into two parts: firstly, a presentation of the project, the MOOC and feedback from mentor-mentee peers. Secondly, training in the inclusion of people with disabilities in sport and at events was provided by 4 adapted physical activity educators. During this training, the participants were able to improve their knowledge of all types of disabilities, and they were able to reflect on how to adapt their practice to these people.

Each participant was able to take away a booklet summarising what they had learned during the course.
At this event, the Big Bang Ballers was able to promote the content produced as part of the Replay project. Together with a number of local organisations, they discussed the benefits of training volunteer coaches and the need to raise their awareness of the social impact of sport.

They focused on the inclusion of disabled people, sharing the benefits that sport can bring to them.

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