Big Bangs organise the Summer League’s 11th edition

Big Bangs organise the Summer League's 11th edition

Between June 12 and July 13, Big Bangs organised the Summer League in Grenobloise. The event consisted of: 7 tournaments in 3 different locations, one 100% women’s tournament and 3 gender mix tournaments. In total more than 200 players participated in the Summer League.

The Summer League is based on an uphill and downhill system which facilitates the participation of a wide variety of players and allows them to compete on low and high pitches against opponents that are at the same level. The system had a direct impact on the Summer League with younger players attending and participation from migrants that were less familiar with basketball. The tournaments help reach to the community in a different way than the activities organised within the club. Through these tournaments players from different levels mingle and enjoy together with the community the atmosphere of the Summer League tournaments.

These yearly tournaments allow the Big Bangs to finance all their programmes in France and Senegal, one of these programmes is Louga Playground. This project aims to renovate a basketball court in Louga, Senegal to increase practice for players and to create better playing conditions for all locals.

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