Every Tuesday at the Gianesini Sports Club, training sessions take place as part of the Erasmus+ Replay 2.0 project with the under 12s, conducted in collaboration between Mentor Giuseppe, a student of Community Psychology, and Mentees Federico and Matteo, both coaches of the team.

The participation of the 20 boys in the training sessions is constant; the club can count on a very diverse group, made up of different cultures and two female players, this diversity represents the true potential of the team.

There have been five pieces of training conducted so far and they have covered different topics. After the first cognitive meeting, activities were proposed concerning inclusion through sport, a collaboration between teammates, and leadership, to empower the boys and maintain an instructive and pleasant atmosphere on the football pitch.

The boys, despite their age, proved to be sensitive and mature in dealing with inclusive social issues included in the training sessions, showing good leadership skills in motivating their teammates and improving in recognizing behavior that negatively affects the team.

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