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Are you a university student or a graduate belonging to a course of studies in Sports, Educational, Psychological or Social?

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Within the Erasmus+ RePLAY project we are responsible for the organization of a high quality mentoring program between university students and young volunteer coaches from grassroots sports organizations working with young people and children coming from disadvantaged and less active groups, improving their ability to promote social inclusion through basic sport. 🏀🏀

And the perks for mentors:

1. Opportunity to acquire skills and experience, developing knowledge based on practice going beyond academic studies;

2. Possibility to develop greater knowledge of the importance of basic sports as a tool for inclusion of specific groups in sport;

3. Ability to implement academic knowledge in basic sports organizations through mentoring interaction that could lead to improvement of university curriculum and further update of various educational programs for coaches in basic sports;

4. Increasing the relationship between theories and knowledge with real problems and, in this case, with coaching situations among young coaches;

5. European mobility: Some mentors will be invited to attend the final project meeting in Barcelona, in May 2023, organized by the UFEC Unió de Federacions Esportives de Catalunya.

Basic knowledge of English language is required.

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