GEA hold final pilot with Tergola Volley’s U-15

GEA mentors and mentees conclude meetings with Tergola’s under-15 men’s volleyball team. A total of four trainings have taken place covering various topics: inclusion, copro and masculinity, respect for peers. These weekly meetings are consistently attended by the boys, which shows they are interesting and relevant to them.

During the meetings, GEA noticed that the boys were reluctant to engage in certain topics which underline the importance of Replay 2.0 in addressing topcis that would otherwise remain undiscovered by the young athletes. With persistence and an interactive approach, GEA experts managed to turn an initially diffident group to a collaborative and involved audience; an open atmosphere was created in the discussion of different topics that may affect the boys personally.

The mentee coach also had the opportunity to see how the new methodology proposed by the project was able to help her unlock aspects in the boys’ behaviour without sacrificing the technical aspects of the training, although initially was uncertain whether it would lead to any concrete results. Eventually, she admitted that it could lead to a growth not only of life skills, but also of technical composure.

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