Report of Young Volunteer Coaches Needs

We are happy to announce that the Report of Young Volunteer Coaches Needs is available online!

ISMAI/IPMAIA has worked on and completed the first project output. ISMAI analysed the data collected from 559 participants from different European countries. The report compressing the collected data highlighted the most important needs to be addressed: Working with Athletes and Applied Sport Sciences. Inclusive Skills and Other Skills themes were also considered valuable themes.

Having in mind the development of Output 2 of the RePlay project – a Mentoring and Training Programme, the results of the Report suggest that special attention should be given to several topics/needs such as: ‘How to manage challenging behaviour with athletes’, ‘Supporting Athletes in pressure situations’, ‘Promote children and youth positive development’ ‘Safeguarding and protecting children and young athletes’, ‘Make your coaching more inclusive’, ‘Planning training programmes’ and ‘Assessing socio-psychological skills’, amongst others.

The Report was presented by ISMAI/IPMAIA during the first in person meeting of the partners, which took place in the city of Maya, between the 28th and 29th of October 2021.

Read the Report here

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