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Project's outputs

2. Handbook of the Mentoring programme

The handbook will provide guidelines on how to address the main needs of mentors and mentees when implementing an effective and high-quality mentorship programme. The handbook will be available online to be replicated and adapted for class sessions.

3. E-learning platform (MOOC) with its manual and contents available in different formats

Massive open online course (MOOC) will be aimed at the mentors and mentees, and students interested in the topic of volunteering in sport. The MOOC will be delivered on the MOODLE platform and will be freely available. The MOOC can be accessed in July 2023.

4. Digital storytelling on Mentors and Mentees

Key stories of the mentors and mentees participating in the mentorship programme will be collected and shared here. More information (add a shortcut to the Digital storytelling page).

5. Report from RE-PLAY 2.0 Assessment with pilot participants

An evaluation summary of the actions and outputs developed throughout the project will be produced based on feedback from participants and stakeholders. Available in June 2023.

6. Guidelines to improve cooperation between EU Sport Universities and Grassroots sport organizations in Europe

The guidelines will be addressed to sport universities and grassroots sport organizations and their networks in Europe, as well as those institutions in sport and academic sport fields that have the power of encouraging, facilitating (in administrative processes and rules for agreements, for example) and promoting cooperation. This Guidelines will focus on sport institutions and justice and will contain tools and measures to tackling discrimination in coaching and protection of victims, with a special focus on young athletes. The document will be available in June 2023.