Setting-up RePLAY 2.0

ASD Margherita Sport e Vita is a national and international leader in the sector of European programs, on topics such as Sport, Inclusion, Volunteering, Gender Equality Match, and as Project Coordinator has created the RePLAY 2.0 project exclusively to fill a gap that came to light in previous project experiences: the need for academic training for young coaches in sport.

The plan was initially conceived by two of the eight partners of RePLAY2.0 Consortium, both Italian: MSV and GEA. The two organizations have gained enormous experience in the Double Career and Sports Volunteer sector, and through two projects funded by the Erasmus + Sport program  -“PLAY Project” and “YODA Mentors” . RePLAY 2.0 follows the implementation of the below objectives:

1) Strengthening high quality skills of young volunteer coaches of grassroots sports organizations to promote social inclusion and equal opportunities through sport for young people and children from disadvantaged groups;

2) Transferring the high-quality approach of dual career and the methodology of mentoring to increase capabilities of youth in sport education and engagement in promoting sport as a tool of social inclusion;

3) Increasing capacity of grassroots sport to promote values, inclusion and engagement of young people and children from disadvantaged and less active groups, who otherwise would be excluded from the sport practice and opportunities of wellbeing and education through sport

4) Promoting and encouraging a stronger European cooperation among grassroots sport organizations and sport universities to further enhance the role of sport and physical activity as a tool of inclusion and wellbeing for all kids and youngsters in Europe – whatever their social, cultural, physical background

5) Enhancing sustainability and further valorisation of effective Erasmus + Sport actions and outputs, by promoting innovative synergies and winning their impacts and transferability beyond the conclusion of the funded projects.

A good project is evaluated and recognized on the basis of the strength and experience of its team and for this reason MSV has chosen the most appropriate partners at European level. The selected partners reflect the geographical area of the EU and the capacity to bring significant value to the process of reaching the objectives.

Main objective of RePLAY 2.0 is to combine high quality tools with the training needs expressed by grassroots coaches, in order to increase the performances of grassroots sport in promoting sport as a relevant and effective tool of inclusion, wellbeing among children and youngsters. The main objective will be reached by valorising the expertise of sport universities students as mentors and by creating a concrete collaboration between sport universities and their students and grassroots sport organizations, with their volunteer coaches.

When selecting the project partners we looked at the possibility of creating a network between grassroots sport organizations and their volunteers, and establishing a network with sport universities. RePLAY Consortium is composed by 2 Sport Clubs, 2 NGO, 1 Sport Federation and 3 Universities.

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